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Saturday, June 17, 2006

Bob's New Bike

My eldest son Bob loves to ride bikes. He wanted (and needs) a new bike. How much does he need it? Well with Bob's old bike, his knees were hitting the handlebars. Ouch.

He's been borrowing his mama's new bike, which is a mountain-bike style, with gears'n'things. He's worked out how the gears make it easier on the hills and faster on the road. Time to get him one.

Bob's 8th birthday was a month ago. Every weekend since then, we have been looking at bikes. We finally bought one today. He is soooo happy.

With his new bike, his toes only just touch the ground. So there's plenty of room for him to grow into this bike.

It's great to all ride together. Once or twice my boys and I have ridden nearly 20km. They are tired by the end but it's a good feeling.

Now that we all have a bike, we can go riding together as a family. It's just a pity it's winter though - makes it hard to go out and have fun when it's cold and nasty outside.


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