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Thursday, December 01, 2005


I have a dear friend who is in real trouble.

The trouble involves extortion, serious money, bought lawyers, the Mafia and death threats against her and her kids. And she's done nothing wrong. Far from it, her generosity was seen as weakness and has made her a target for rapacious greed.

I'm really troubled by it. Toss-and-turn troubled. The whole matter is just so awful.

I've done a lot of grizzling here about the job and so forth, but relatively speaking, it's so inconsequential. I am alive, have enough of all I need and am in no peril worse than an expanding waistline. I feel like a child who's chucking a tantrum coz I can't have another bowl of icecream. Grow up!!!

So my dear friend, I'm beaming all my best help-you thoughts in your direction. If nothing else, hold your head up high. No-one can take away your dignity.


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