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Monday, November 14, 2005

I went hiking this weekend to Wilson's Promontory ("The Prom").

The two guys I went with were Fubin, my good friend from Beijing and his friend Zhuzun. Neither of them had been camping before, and it was my first time in several years.

You can see some good pictures of the area here: (look for Sealer's Cove)

The walk there is about 10km but it feels a lot longer, especially when you're carrying a lot of stuff. Our tent was way too big for the three of us, and I really felt the weight.

The beach there is 2-3km long and absolutely pristine. The weather conditions this time meant the waves broke very quietly and gently, not crashing surf. It's hard to imagine a more natural place.

I feel absolutely wrecked today. I'm walking like a penguin and I have a splitting headache which is only just being controlled with strong painkillers. Might go home early today.

All in all, a most wonderful weekend.


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