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Thursday, August 13, 2009

Bagels from Glick's

I like to eat bagels for lunch. I like to get my bagels from Glick's, which is a chain of Jewish bakery stores across Melbourne. Their logo is a picture of the founder:

I went to get my bagels yesterday. I was served by Mr. Glick himself!

Two things about Mr. Glick:
  • He thinks tongs are unnecessary: Just grabbed the bagels and shoved them in the bag. Hey, when you're a baking god, germs just run away, right? Right?
  • I ordered 7 bagels. He said "now how much is that". I said "7 8s are 56, so that's $5.60" and offered him $5.60. He looked totally lost. He started muttering "Well, I know 6 bagels is 4.80, that must be"...
    Several more confused seconds. I repeated "7 8s are 56, so that's $5.60". He's still completely at sea. Finally he just agrees to take my money.
So he may be a baking god, but it's a fair bet he's innumerate.

Still, he runs the biggest Jewish baking chain in the country. Well done, eh?


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