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Sunday, February 24, 2008

Heading off

Well, in 10 minutes I'm leaving for the airport. Fly to HK, stay a night, then fly to Beijing, stay a night, then catch the train to Dalian.

Been working so hard at home to get everything shipshape before I leave. But I haven't done any Chinese practice! My characters are so rusty. I'm going to practice them on the plane with the use of the character program I wrote for my phone.

Bye Australia! Back in July!


  • Here comes your old friend Liyun from your home town. Daniel just came back from swim with Bob and Tim. Nice blog!!! Hope you write more about your Journey. Have you settled down everything? What is the weather like in Dalian. From my memory the sea was such blue and clean. Is is still like that?
    When you have time you should go to LaoHuTan (Tiger Beach). very nice place. Oops got phone call, keep in touch.

    By Blogger Old stump, at 8:51 pm  

  • Hello Mitch,
    I need to sign in here to leave your comment. Hope to hear from you soon and please mail me back because I don't have your mail now. I miss you so much.

    By Blogger May, at 1:53 am  

  • Hello Mitch,this is May again. How is China now? Hope you are enjoy and still happy in Dalian. Send some picture pleas. I went to Pataya for English camp and now I am at school again. Miss talking with you so much.

    By Blogger May, at 2:59 am  

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