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Friday, January 13, 2006

Friends I: Enduring love

Every day I feel lucky. Among all the other reasons, I feel lucky because I have the pleasure of spending my life with my dearest friend.

I'm sure that sounds like the talk of young lovers. How can such affection last the test of time? Hmm I'm not sure, but it has: In two months, we'll have been together for 18 years. And I think it comes down to friendship.

People get married for all sorts of reasons, but I believe that friendship is the strongest possible basis for marriage. With friendship as a foundation, love will never grow old.

How we met.

The year was 1988. I moved from the country to the city to get my first job. I was a computer technician in a school.

At that school, I met a girl, an overseas student, who had just started year 10. In some countries, that's form 4 or the first year of senior high.

She and I were both lonely people with no family and who didn't know anyone else. We were both interested in computers, and both enjoyed each other's company a lot. We started spending time with each other because we felt happy together.

Over the course of a year, our friendship grew stronger and stronger. But even though we both felt the other person was very special, we wanted to stay just friends. After all, even though there is only 18 months' age difference between us, we were still student-and-staff. Plus, we both wanted to concentrate on studying and working.

After nearly one year, we had become such close friends. Every hour together was a celebration in our hearts. But as time went on, it became harder and harder to just stay friends. How can you stay friends when you care so much about someone?

So on a certain day (March 27, 1999), we decided that we would stop trying to just be friends, and start trying to make a life together. To make a "partnership of the heart" and live each day in celebration of our love for each other.

Since then, we have done many things together. University, career, and the best thing of all, children.

Of all the things we mean to each other, and after all this time, the dearest one is still "friend".


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